What industries do you serve?

We can work with any industry, and any company for that matter. Communication Agencies:
Communication is moving beyond borders. How can you compete if you’re limited by language? We help companies of all sizes with their translation needs, including:
• Websites
• Brochures
• Marketing and corporate communications
• Press releases
• Annual reports
• Advertising, digital, and SEO campaigns
• Competitive analysis
• And much more!

Legal entities can quickly become international. In these cases, having an accurate translator available on short notice can help legal practices, lawyers, judges, and consulting companies to manage translations quickly with limited resources. We’ve helped with:
• Trial minutes and documents
• Patents
• Legal filings
• Depositions
• Contracts
• NDA and other agreements
• Sworn statements
• And several other legal elements

Information Technology:
In this field, there’s more than just concerns about language at stake. Companies also need to consider security, data breaches, and digital assets. At USA Dubs, the confidentiality and security of your documents is a priority. We work with only experienced and tested professionals to ensure the integrity of any data or content. IT companies use us for:
• Patents
• Service contracts
• Software
• Tool tips
• User guides
• Procedure manuals
• Presentations
• Website content and localization
• Among many other things!

Luxury Brands:
One thing luxury brands have in common: people from all over the world want their products (think of Swiss watches or Italian leather). In order to reach this vast global market, these clients trust us to translate many of their brand elements, such as:
• Marketing documents and campaigns
• Corporate communications
• Brochures
• Packaging
• Instruction manuals
• Catalogs
• Contracts
• And any written material that helps form the company’s brand.

In most countries, the finance industry is critical because it provides the economy with the wealth needed to operate and grow. However, in today’s global market, the financial sector is essentially operating without borders. Having a trusted translation partner is critical, to help with things like:
• Balance sheets
• Contracts
• Statements
• Interim and annual reports
• Shareholder and stakeholder reports
• Prospectus
• Analysis debriefing
• Meeting minutes for management or boards
• Investment reports
• And any other information you need to share with global shareholders

A growing sector that provides many countries economic growth, the medical field requires very specialized language and translation services. Translators must have knowledge of the field, along with comply with strict regulations. Our healthcare translators have extensive medical acumen and a specialized vocabulary. Over the years, we have worked on a number of health and medical related items, including:
• Case studies
• Research studies
• User guides
• Scientific articles
• Pharmaceutical products
• Websites
• Presentations
• Medical documents
• Surgery documents
• And several items used throughout doctor, hospital, and surgical settings.

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