USA Dubs delivers subtitling in more than 75 languages, providing you with affordable, high-quality solutions for your content needs.

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✔ Experienced native translators
✔ 75 plus languages
✔ Fastest turnaround
✔ Strict Quality control
✔ Data security
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The most experienced native translators in the industry

We produce precisely timed subtitles and employ only the most experienced native translators to convert your original video to a localized version. If you don't have a transcript, our team of expert audio transcriptionists will be happy to create one for you. We provide high quality subtitles for television programs, corporate videos, Blu-ray Authoring, TeleVision (TV), Digital Video Disc (DVD), Interoperable Master Format (IMF), Digital Cinema Packaging (DCP), web streaming Video On Demand (VOD).

Turnkey solutions for any industry

We are equipped to provide subtitling solutions to a wide range of industries. From ad agencies who need us to handle transcriptions with time codes, to production companies who need us to handle translation and subtitling file preparation, we are a renowned trusted resource in the industry. We provide services in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, French, Korean, Russian, German, Swedish, Swahili, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, and many more.

Unparalleled quality control

In this business, reputation is everything. That is why your work is put through rigorous process of quality control, to ensure the highest possible standards.


At USA Dubs, we have a team of experts who will help you from the beginning to the end of your subtitling process, this includes embedding the subtitles onto your video file, burning them onto your video file so that the subtitles are permanently on your video or giving you a sidecar file that you can encode or overlay yourself.

Subtitle Formatting and Timing Using our state-of-the-art subtitle editing suites, a subtitle editor accesses the digitized program with accuracy and care and transcribes and formats the native-language. In timing, the text is time to appear with video and audio.
Initial ReviewTo confirm timing and accuracy of the text, the subtitle editor now compares native-language subtitling against the source video. A second review is performed by senior subtitle editor and makes necessary changes to the file.
TranslationTo provide the subtitles at a comfortable reading rate for the viewer, the primary translator completes paraphrasing as necessary within the same number of lines as source language.
Translation ReviewThe primary translator's translation is proofread by a proofreading translator. We offer clients a midway consultancy meeting and the option to review the completed translation template and to respond back with any final changes.
Subtitle PlacementSubtitles are now generated and screen placement is set by a subtitle editor. A senior subtitle editor then performs a final review, the file is then archived for future reformats or transcripts.


USA Dubs Subtitling provides solutions, 24/7 operation, offering fast, reliable turnaround times, exceeding subtitling industry expectations, ensuring a high quality, premium subtitling service.

Turnaround depends on the duration, target language, and complexity of the content. We will always work with you to ensure a fast turnaround time maintaining quality levels, ensuring project delivery, within the expected time. Contact us to discuss your needs, USA Dubs can almost always provide a subtitling turnaround that fits your project.


USA Dubs offers highly competitive rates, and delivers premium quality subtitling services, specializing in all of types programming, including all formats and platforms, reaching global communities increasing accessibility, for companies, Ad agencies, broadcasters, education and E-Learning providers.

The cost of a subtitling project, involves a number of variables, the length of the program, native language of the program, language considerations and project size.

USA Dubs maintains the highest standards in providing outstanding customer service, we can facilitate a Subtitling Service Consultation, to discuss customer questions and needs. USA Dubs are professional knowledgeable industry experts, who will welcome the opportunity to listen and formulate a Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Timely Plan (SMART) to meet client and project needs.

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