Why use subtitling services?

Subtitling is the art of adding text to any audio-visual media allowing an expression of the language spoken, providing a written platform for spoken audio. Video subtitling enables your video content to be accessible internationally to all markets and in all native languages.

Subtitling Services allow individuals and their communities to read and understand the language spoken, allowing access to information without knowledge of the original language. Adding subtitles to your video is a great way of delivering your message across the world without any language barriers and without losing the integrity of your content. You can also strengthen your SEO by adding subtitles to your video.

• Even though subtitles help users with limited access to sound, they are usually not recommended for hard of hearing or deaf audiences as they do not include speaker identifications or sound effects., SDH services for the deaf or hard of hearing, subtitles in the videos original language.

• Non-native English language speakers are known to use closed captioning and subtitling services to improve the language speaking process, providing accessibility and equal access to opportunities for communities.

• When watching media and not wanting to distract, subtitles for E learning and educational/resource videos.

• Providing Privacy and Confidentiality - Subtitling Services assist in public and private platforms when confidentiality is paramount.

Subtitles for the Deaf or hard of hearing (SDH)
Subtitles for the deaf or hard-of-hearing (SDH) is the mechanism which enables the placing of subtitles in the video's original language where important information such as music description, music transcription, non-dialogue information and more is displayed on the viewers screen.

The only major difference between SDH and closed captioning is in formatting: closed captioning is displayed as white text on a black background where as SDH is formatted as text with contrast outlines. Since Blu-ray discs do not support line 21 closed captions, they use SDH subtitling.

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