Post Production

Our teams at USA Dubs offer extensive technical expertise in a great variety of fields including editing & finishing, closed captioning & subtitling, duplication and quality control, enabling us to work with all formats to support creative teams around the world.

Our highly experienced authors and editors are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to handle any specifications for your project. Our extensive service portfolio can make the process of transferring content to the screen seem effortless.

Why Us?

✔ Outstanding client services
✔ Latest technology
✔ Award winning professionals
✔ Affordable rates
✔ Guaranteed Highest Quality
✔ Quality conversion which exceeds industry standards

Our services:

Video Editing

Blu Ray Authoring & Duplication

Standards Conversion

DVD Authoring & Duplication

Transcoding / Conversion

4k UHD Quality Control Service


USA Dubs offers the most premier, hands-on service in the industry, at rates that companies of all sizes find affordable. As with all our work, we ensure your satisfaction at every step and don’t consider the project complete until you see the results you want.

Our pricing is dependent on your individual criteria and project scope. Because of this, we advise getting in contact with our friendly support team to get an accurate and reasonable estimate. We have worked on every type of project so we’re experts at giving accurate project estimates - and then staying within the agreed upon budget.

Video editing

Editing & Finishing
Color Correction
Motion Graphics
Video Compositing (After Effects)
End Tags

Standard conversion

We are proud to be the first company in North America to introduce 12-bit standards conversion with 8:8:8 processing & motion correction. Our alchemist platinum deft + converter produces the cleanest and most detailed master quality conversions within the industry. Our conversion quality exceeds industry standards and comes with a guarantee of non-rejection by television stations worldwide.

Between 4K / UHD / HD / NTSC / PAL / All frame rates
File-based conversion with output encoded to all commonly used file formats
Conversion of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut Video (P3 and 2020)
High Frame Rate Video up to 300fps with smooth motion
Ph.C. Motion Compensation system
Clean Cut Processing
Full bandwidth Image Processing
Digital Noise Reduction
3:2 Pulldown Removal
Conversion of embedded Closed Caption and Dolby E data
Up to 24 channels of audio
Tape based conversions from Alchemist HD Ph.C.


Our highly experienced technicians employ state-of-the-art solutions with the highest level of processing power to ensure video quality while maintaining speedy turnarounds. Our objective is to help streamline your content management needs by providing you with media transcodes, conversions, storage, delivery, and security as a 1-stop service.

      4:3 SD to 16:9 Full-Resolution HD Conversion
      4:3 SD to 16:9 Full-screen HD Conversion
      HD to 4K Up Conversion

      16:9 HD to 4:3 Full-Screen SD Conversion
      16:9 HD to 4:3 SD Letter Box Conversion
      4K to HD Down Conversion

      720 HD to 1080 HD Up Conversion
      1080 HD to 720 HD Down Conversion

      Editing and Finishing
      Cloud services
      Conversion to Ultra HD or any file format
      Color Correction.
      Audio Mixing.

      Closed Captions/Subtitles.
      Program Distribution for OTT, HBO NOW, Netflix, etc.

Blu-Ray & DVD authoring & duplication

Whether your need is for DVD or HD Blu-Ray Authoring USA Dubs have you covered for your content. The process is to assemble all the files of your project in an order and then burn it on to an optical disc. Initially, all files are reformatted to ensure a seamless flow of information. A menu (or motion menu) is then created to provide easy access to the content. Finally, the menu (or motion menu) and content are linked together and functionality is added. Stringent quality control checks make sure that data is ready for replication.

MPEG-2 encoding
Multi-pass picture encoding on Sonic Solution
Auto loop, auto play or generic play button
Custom design of still and motion menu screens and overlays
Multi angle video
Multi Dolby digital audio tracks
5.1 Surround sound
Video color correction
Closed Captioning
Region Coding
Interactive programming
Asset Assembly
CSS and/or Macro vision & Copy guard protection
Parental blocks
Final proofing & testing
Duplication & distribution
Broadcast Duplication & Distribution
File-to-Tape & Tape-to-File

4K UHD Quality control (QC) service

Our talented staff knows what to look for to ensure that your project will be in compliance and ready for viewing. Our quality control department is capable of digitally receiving and sending full resolution 4k files. We can send your content digitally in its highest quality to its intended destination.

We have an extensive QC process which is trusted by Television Networks through to Production Studios, AD Agencies and OTT platforms, we work with major companies and provide a premium service as standard. Our quality control ensures the highest standards in the industry.

Services we provide in QC are:
Technical evaluation of UHD / HD / SD video formats with 5.1 and stereo audio
File and tape-based program evaluation
UHD evaluation of XAVC / ProResHQ / H.264 files up to 30fps
Expert Quality Control Technicians
Dolby 5.1+2 audio monitoring system
In-house Vidchecker system for automated QC evaluation
Evaluation to specific network standards
Tektronix Waveform Monitor
Digital receive and send long-form full-res masters
100% editor QC
Stereo/Mono & phase check
5.1 Surround Sound verification
Gamut errors check & correction
LKFS compliance & correction
Title safety check

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