USA Dubs provides closed captioning (also known as video captioning) for TV, web, DVD and Blu-ray for clients who distribute video content that needs to reach audience on any screen. Our high-profile clients include production companies, advertising agencies and broadcasters, who rely on USA Dubs as their trusted closed captioning resource.

Why us?

✔ Professional editors providing the highest accuracy
✔ Closed Captioning in English and Spanish
✔ Stringent Quality control
✔ Content Security
✔ Fast turnaround
✔ Great rates

Fastest turnaround in the industry

We pride ourselves on working quickly and efficiently to meet your deadline, which is why we are renowned in the industry for having the fastest turnaround time with the highest quality work.

Experienced team of transcribers

Our expert transcribers and caption editors are a trusted industry resource for anyone that needs captions made as Roll-up, Pop-on file or embedded to video.

Stringent quality control

All of our closed captioning projects go through a rigorous process to ensure the highest standards possible, something we are known for in the industry.

You can be sure that if we find a problem with any element of your video following our quality control checks, we will communicate this with you and work to solve any problems so you can achieve your desired end product.


Caption Formatting and Timing Preliminary Reviews Embedding to Video Final Review


USA Dubs is proud to offer the most high-quality service at a price which companies of all sizes can afford. Our pricing depends on your project scope. We have worked on every type of project so we’re experts at providing the most cost-effective rates.

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