What are video captions?

Video captions, also known as Closed Captioning (CC), is the method of text being displayed on visual content for television, film, or video. These captions include everything from dialogue, sound effects, speaker identification and more, and allow for a better understanding of the content of the video.

In many cases, it is actually a legal requirement of United States law for these captions to be available. Though not required to be overlaid on all TV content, they do need to be available, allowing the viewer the choice to turn the captions on or off.

There are a few types of Closed Captioning, and we can help you understand which is the best method for adding captions to your videos:

• Pop-On Center: In this method, speaker IDs is used to recognize who is talking and the captions are displayed in the center of the screen. This method is the best for offline documentaries, TV shows, music displays, or feature films.
• Pop-On Placement: In this premium form of video captioning, the captions appear directly next to the person or character who is talking, giving a clear indication of the source of the sound. Occasionally there might be simultaneous speech, and the captions can be used to differentiate speakers. It’s a great format for documentaries, or movies.
• Roll-Up: This form of captioning is the best for a smaller budget. It’s suitable for lifestyle shows, reality shows - any TV show which tends to have fast patterns of speech.

USA Dubs provides video captioning for businesses such as production companies, advertising agencies, broadcasters - anyone who distributes video content that needs to reach a broad audience. We’ve used cutting-edge processes to add captions to videos for years, and our staff are experts in all facets of the process. We’re also here to answer any questions you might have if you’re just learning the process - reach out.

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