USA Dubs has been the top choice for Audio Description (also known as Video Description) of quality-conscious clients for 10 years. USA Dubs has the most seasoned professionals in the industry, ready to assist with high quality Audio Description guaranteed to help your content reach a larger audience. We combine a decade of successful experience with a proven process and best price, to ensure each and every client is satisfied and that their content reaches the people it needs to.

Why us?

✔ High Quality Descriptions
✔ Trained actors
✔ State-of-the-art soundproof booths
✔ Experienced audio engineers
✔ 508 compliant
✔ Great rates


Writing the Script
VoicingOur state-of-the-art soundproof booths ensure we record our audio to the highest-standard possible and avoid any unintentional background noise. Once a first draft of the narration has been completed, the voice actors are then tasked with fully reviewing each of the descriptions. After this, the audio description manager will make a second review and request any re-recordings, if they are necessary.
MixingOur team of experienced and professional audio engineers mix and combine the audio description track with the original video. Some of the work they do includes matching the correct levels and volume of our voice actors to the video. This helps to ensure the voice actors are not a distraction, while still discernible from the original video. As with the other steps of our process, we use both audio engineers working on the project and senior audio engineers to review the final mix for quality.
Review and LaybackOnce we have the final piece, we run the audio description through a final Quality Control Inspection and Preparation process.

This involves our traffic department who reviews its completeness, sequential timecode, audio quality and video quality. As this review is taking place, our production servers are digitizing and transcoding the entire video.

Finally, we provide you, the client, with the finished piece for final layback or we are able to do this for you. Currently, we can provide you the finished piece as a digital file, DVD, Blu-ray disc or even a fully mastered tape.


USA Dubs is proud to offer the most high-quality service for an affordable rate that companies of all sizes can afford. And, as with all our work, we ensure your satisfaction at every step and don’t consider the project complete until you see the results you want.

*Our standard price quotes include: 508 Compliance, Audio Description script creation, voice talent, voice recording, audio mixing, final file creation, prep and output, embed to video.

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