The legal requirements of audio description

USA Dubs is a complete expert in the audio description field - and that knowledge requires staying on top of trends, legalities, and news in the industry, so that we can always apply best practices for our clients. Ever since the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, the FCC makes it a requirement that the largest four national broadcasters (ABC, CBS, Fox and NC) within the top sixty TV markets, and the five largest non-broadcast channels (USA Network, TNT, TBS, History Channel and Disney Channel) provide 50 hours per calendar quarter (roughly four hours per week) of audio-described prime time and/or children’s programming.

Also, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act makes it required that all Federal Agencies have audio descriptions for video that contain visual information necessary for the comprehension of the content.

As an example of this, Federal Agencies such as The National Park Service have been very proactive in allowing the blind and visually impaired to absorb their content. Their pioneering work even led them to receive an Achievement in Audio Description Award from the American Council of the Blind Audio Description Project in 2012.

Although you may not fall into the same legal requirements as those mentioned, the achievements of The National Park Service should serve as motivation to incorporate audio descriptions into your own programs. You can feel great about making a positive impact, while broadening the audience you can reach with your content.

USA Dubs can help with successful audio descriptions - or any other production, TV Ad distribution, and digital asset management needs you may have. We apply the premium standards of quality to everything we do through our multi-point process, and we keep our rates affordable for companies of all sizes. We’d love to hear from you and help you achieve success!

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